Contract Cosmetic Manufacturers & Contract Filling

Contract Manufacturing & Filling

Cosmetic contract manufacturers can formulate or create products from a formula supplied by a client. Many well-known, large companies use contract manufacturers to produce their products in very large quantities. Contract fillers specialize in fullfilling all ingredients into the packaging components, with the client's label. What you get is a truly custom product from formula to packaging. Contract manufacturing gives you the most flexibility and control at middle to high volume operation as it involves some startup costs, whereas in private label you choose from a catalog of products and simply have your label added, allowing for smaller order minimums.

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Nail Polish Manufacturer

Nail polish manufacturers will create and match your custom made shades of nail polish.

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Shampoo Manufacturer

Find a shampoo manufacturer to produce your custom made hair care products.

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Bar Soap Manufacturer

Find the right bar soap manufacturer to design your perfect custom soap bar that will stand out from the crowd.

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Cosmetic Pencil Manufacturer

Cosmetic pencil manufacturers of many different types of pencils: eyebrow pencils, eyeliner pencils, lip liner pencils.

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Fragrance Manufacturer

These manufacturers blend creativity and expertise to craft captivating fragrances that enchant the senses."

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Cream Manufacturer

Find a cream manufacturer to produce your custom made cream care products.

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Lotion Manufacturer

Find a lotion manufacturer to produce your custom made lotion care products.

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Color Cosmetics & Lipsticks

Find many different types of high quality contract filling color cosmetics to help create your own product line.