Find among the different categories listed, the companies that best aim to solve your cosmetic needs, both in the development and advice of your product or service as well as in its distribution

Government Sites for the Cosmetic Industry

Business Promotional Products

Remind your customers and prospects of your business using business promotional products.

Cosmetic Insurance

Protect yourself and your business with cosmetic liability insurance policy.

Cosmetic Trade Publications

Keep up on industry news and research based cosmetic information with cosmetic trade publications.

Cosmetic Trade Associations

Cosmetic trade associations are dedicated to provide programs and services to cosmetic companies helping them succeed in the highly competitive industry.

Cosmetic Brands for Distribution

Fulfill your inventory requirements with consumer brands for distribution.

Cosmetics Business Plans

Find many different types of business resources to start your cosmetic business.

Cosmetics Industry Consultants

Maximize your potential in the cosmetics industry with the help of our experienced consultants. Let us guide you towards success with tailored solutions and expert advice.

Cosmetics Export

Find cosmetic export companies that can ship your cosmetic products to many different countries.

Cosmetic Marketing

Marketing Professionals

Cosmetic Distribution

Fulfill your inventory requirements with consumer brands for distribution.

Wholesale Products for Retail Stores

Cosmetic Formulators

Creation, development and design of cosmetic products. From the integration of the correct ingredients to the complete formulation of products.

FDA Cosmetic Labeling

Be sure your cosmetic label meets the U.S. and FDA

FDA Cosmetic Regulations

Be sure your cosmetic products comply with U.S. and FDA regulations.

Cosmetic Labeling Laws

Cosmetic labeling laws and their related FDA cosmetic regulations are intended to protect consumers from health hazards and deceptive practices and to help consumers make informed decisions regarding product purchase.

Cosmetics Packaging Consultants

Will provide reliable packaging advice and innovative packaging solutions.

Cosmetics Regulatory Compliance

Turn to professionals who know your industry's regulatory compliance needs.

Cosmetic Lawyers

Using an FDA lawyer will help avoid labeling and advertising compliance issues.

Cosmetic Microbiological Testing

Test your cosmetic product to ensure a long shelf life free of microbial contamination.

Cosmetic Trade Shows

Cosmetic trade shows and cosmetic trade show organizers specializing in cosmetics exhibitions.

Cosmetic Industry Associates

Join the ranks of successful beauty brands with the guidance of Cosmetic Industry Associates. Our expert team offers tailored solutions for all aspects of cosmetic development and production.

Cosmetics Startup Guide

Get your cosmetics business off the ground with our startup guide. Learn the ins and outs of the industry, from product development to marketing strategies

Cosmetic Logistics

Optimize your Product Delivery

Cosmetic E-commerce

Sell your Cosmetic Products Online

ICMAD Brands for Distribution

ICMAD announces new brands for distribution, offering diverse and exciting products for beauty enthusiasts worldwide. Stay tuned for the latest trends and must-have items.

New Businesses

Introducing the latest addition to the beauty industry, a new cosmetic business, entrepreneur offering innovative products for flawless skin and a radiant look.

Cosmetics Distributors & Wholesalers

Source cosmetic products for your online or physical store, from cosmetic distributors and wholesalers all over the world.